I specialize in traditional OTK bare-hand spanking, 
                  close-contact implements,  discipline/punishment, 
                       behavior modification, and intense role-play..
                                           ..with a fond affinity for the cane.

Prospective playmates are mature and intelligent, with an appreciation for mutual interests, discretion, and safe/legal play.

Please send a respectful introductory email detailing your interests to

Please also include any professional references you may have - you'll also be required to submit your contact telephone number for verification purposes.

*If you are unwilling or unable to provide a telephone number, I am unwilling and unable to discuss an appointment with you.

You'll also need to provide me with a name. Your email handle is not sufficient. I will not address a correspondent as doodlebug6324. 

*If you are unable or unwilling to provide me with a human first name, I am unable and unwilling to discuss an appointment with you.

(These security measures are non-negotiable. You wouldn't want to trust yourself with someone who doesn't give a flip who you are...would you?)

In addition to my home city of Las Vegas, Nevada,
I travel often throughout the U.S. and Canada-
with plans to visit the U.K. again soon.
Travel notices are posted regularly HERE. If your city is not listed, please email me to inquire about scheduling a future visit.


** A small 'Good Faith Deposit' is required of all new playmates.
This nominal deposit may be made anonymously (no paper trail), and will be deducted from your overall tribute at time of our meeting. 


In Las Vegas, I take appointments in my private, fully-domestic space.

In other cities, I conduct sessions in large, luxury hotel suites. You will never meet me in a regular hotel room, nor in a dungeon. I obtain the largest, most discreet premises available in each city in order to guarantee privacy.

I do not conduct outcall appointments under any circumstances.

All participants must be at least 21 years of age. 
No sexual services. Safe/Legal play only.